Perfect Hunting Boots

Not too long ago, I was flipping through some catalogs and found a darlingly rugged pair of boots that would be “perfect for hunting”, which means that I would look very chic (in a rugged sort of way) strolling around the hunting camp, preparing fabulous meals and sipping wine in these boots. If you are the type of deerslayer’s wife that I am, you would be interested to know that they DO have heavy soles and are waterproof, all while looking great! This pair of awesome boots is sold at Eddie Bauer AND and Cabela’s and probably other retailers as well. They’re Clarks (Neeve Ella Leather Waterproof, $259.99 from Cabela’s ) and I’m providing a photo for everyone’s enjoyment and approval.

As is typical for South Texas, it’s been warm enough this winter for snakes to still be out. My deerslayer became a snakeslayer the other weekend when we happened upon a six-foot diamondback rattler near our hunting campsite. I have to admit, my amazing “hunting boots” suddenly just didn’t seem to pass muster. Every stick, vine, water hose, and shadow became a snake in my eyes! It didn’t help that stories around the campfire that evening were told of even larger snakes, some that actually struck at unsuspecting hunters. We saw a total of four snakes that weekend! I had to rethink my hunting persona. Could it include clunky snakeproof boots? Damned Straight it could! Here is a photo of my New Hunting Boots for everyone’s enjoyment and approval.

Don’t think that I’m storing the Clark’s away to collect dust. As soon as we get some weather cool enough to send the snakes retreating to wherever they retreat to, I’ll be struttin’ my stuff in my “other perfect hunting boots”.

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