Camping Preparation Continues and Plain Ol’ Easy Venison/Wild Pork Hamburgers

burger 003As we gear up for the big trip to Wyoming and the date draws near, the mess in the kitchen piles higher and higher.  Every time I think of something that I won’t be able to get along without, it goes on the pile.

Yesterday, I worked on the medicine box. After many years of camping/hunting trips, we have, at different times, needed a variety of medications and/or first aid items.   Our box is clear plastic so that we can easily and quickly identify and put our hands on necessary first aid or meds and includes (for all camping trips):

Band-aids, all sizes (including waterproof and stretchy for knuckles), butterfly sutures, triple antibiotic ointment, tweezers, magnifying glass, a needle for spinters and thorns, alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, and sterile pads & surgical tape

Acetaminophen, Ibuprofen, Naproxen, aspirin

Anti-diarrheal meds, Benadryl, Sudafed, Various sore throat and cough lozenges, sore throat spray

Sun screen, aloe gel

Thermacare heat wraps for backs and necks

Any prescription meds required by various campers in your group

Candied ginger (works wonders for upset stomach and motion sickness)

Benadryl capsules – I have discovered that, not only is this med. effective for allergy symptoms, but it has worked for us as a topical relief for itchy insect bites.  My junior deerslayer and I are particularly susceptible to mosquito bites.  We opened a Benadryl capsule, made a paste with water, and applied it topically to the affected bites.  The paste relieved the itching and reduced the swelling.  While I can’t vouch for others, know that we don’t camp without Benadryl capsules close at hand.

Remember, I’ve traveled with or camped with kids for many years.  “Always be prepared” is the mantra of all parents.  Also, I suffer from allergies so I keep a well-stocked medicine box that I update periodically to ensure that nothing is past its expiration date .While many may say that my first aid list seems a little excessive, keep in mind that everyone’s situation and needs are different.   Also keep in mind, though, that nothing can ruin a good camping/hunting trip more than a pesky intestinal or allergy-related problem or a cactus encounter that might have been remedied with just a little fore-thought.

Margaret's birthday 017
I’ve chosen to show some of the items that we always have with us. All items fit into the box with the lid closed except for the Thermacare wraps. Notice the magnifying glass.  It really comes in handy for thorns and splinters.

In addition to preparing the first aid box, I’ve continued to plan for our meals for the two weeks we’ll be on our trip.  I’ve prepared and frozen food for four dinners for 50 people.  I’ve decided to bake and freeze Cranberry-Rubbish Muffins for several breakfasts.  I made arrangements with my local source for farm fresh eggs and homegrown tomatoes to pick up plenty of both for the trip.  That will take care of several more breakfasts (huevos con chorizo) and BLT sandwiches for lunch. The homegrown tomatoes will also make for some superb pico de gallo. (My last entry.)

An old stand-by for a fast and fabulous camping meal is Plain Ol’ Easy Venison/Wild  Pork Hamburgers.  These burgers are so flavorful due to just a couple of key ingredients. Garlic and Knorr’s Caldo de Tomate con Sabor de Pollo (Tomato Bouillon with Chicken Flavor).  This stuff is worth its weight in gold.  It also adds beautiful flavor and color to Mexican Rice.  Of course, you doctor them up as you desire with things that you can transport easily.

Plain Ol’ Easy Venison/Wild Pork Hamburgers

fajitas, pico, burgers, corn & poblano soup 052

1 lb. ground venison and wild pork

1 egg

3 cloves garlic, chopped (or a tbsp. minced garlic to save time)

1½ tbsp. Knorr’s Pollo y Tomate bouillon (Chicken and tomato)

1 tsp, pepper

Margaret's birthday 018
This item is usually found down the soup aisle or with the ethnic foods.

4 Hamburger buns

All the trimmings

1.  In a mixing bowl, combine ground meat, egg, garlic, and bouillon.  Shape into four patties and throw on the grill.  Cook to medium.  Add good cheese (Awesome cheddar or blue cheese) and melt.

2.  Toast buns on a cast iron griddle in some butter or on the grill.

burger 001

3.  Doctor up as desired.  Easy Peasy!  Perfect for camping!

fajitas, pico, burgers, corn & poblano soup 053
I’ve recently discovered Plochman’s Mustard has a variety with Killian’s Beer. Yum! Also, McIlhenny Farms has a great spicy ketchup. I have very strong feelings about burgers.  There are times when one must be a purist and times to branch out, go crazy, enjoy the thrill of new tastes.

For a camping trip, it’s easy to prepare the meat with the seasonings before leaving home. Hamburger patties could also be prepared ahead.

4 Comments on “Camping Preparation Continues and Plain Ol’ Easy Venison/Wild Pork Hamburgers

  1. Yum, Mrsdeerslayer! Now that’s camping food proper. Wyoming is one of my very favorite places in the world to camp and be out-of-doors. Seen quite a bit of it. Which part are you going to?

    • We’ll be in Glendo, at the resevoir. (Southeast Wyoming) Every year we take a boat down through the canyon to see the eagles! Awesome! Here in South Texas it’s gonna be over 100 degrees every day for the rest of the week. I’m really looking forward to cooler temps!

      • Sounds wonderful. Gotta love it out there. I have been to south Texas too. I do believe I’d take Wyoming tho, most days. Except that is when I’m craving some proper brisket!

        Take care, and have a good trip!

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