On Your Mark, Get Set, Go! It’s Hunting Season!

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Good Luck!

Tomorrow is the start of hunting season in South Texas.  In an unfortunate turn of events, Deerslayer will be heading out to the hunting camp alone, no wife or junior deerslayers to sit around the fire, share a nice beverage or share the excitement of “Opening Day”.

Tonight is Halloween and the junior deerslayers would rather distribute candy and look at cute tinies in their adorable costurmes.  Tomorrow night, the girls and I will be attending a mandatory fundraising gala instead field-dressing and doing a tribal dance around a fresh kill.  (We don’t actually do a dance, but I think we should add that to the routine.)

Deerslayer and I completely dropped the ball this year.  We didn’t realize that last weekend was designated as “Youth Weekend” and young hunters could take a deer.  One of our junior deerslayers still qualifies and could’ve brought home about a third of a freezer’s worth of tasty meat.  For the most part, the deer didn’t seem too worried.

Good luck to all my deerslayer friends.  Fill those freezers!

5 Comments on “On Your Mark, Get Set, Go! It’s Hunting Season!

  1. Matt’s away on his No-Girlz-Allowed hunting trip with his college buddies. I’m going back and forth between paddling myself out in the kayak to duck hunt, or heading out to hunt the beginning of the rut. It’s gonna be cold either way- the high today is about 40F. Yesterday was had 20mph wind that I paddled a canoe 3/4 of a mile into, so maybe it’s best to propel myself with my legs today 🙂

    • Yup! Deerslayer is also a pigslayer, I’m pleased to report. He started the season with a ten-point buck and six wild pigs. I’m rearranging the stuff in the freezers to show my gratitude. I hope to share some pics soon. Thanks for asking.

      • Six pigs? Dang! I heard that got skitterish and went nocturnal after you picked off the first few! An excellent hunter indeed!

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