Our Own Ranch


I think that it’s a dream of just about every hunter to have a place of his own… not a hunting lease but a hunk of land that belongs to him to hunt as he pleases, to wander around on, look at the stars at night, watch the sun rise and set, knowing that every corner and everything in between is his.

It’s been a dream of ours for years; having a place to hunt that is our very own, not a lease. It’s a dream that has finally been realized!  Deerslayer and I are now the proud owners of our own 256 acre hunting ranch in the Texas Hill Country! I don’t think I can put into words my excitement.

The process of finding the place was difficult, frustrating, and exhausting but it was worth it.  For years, we’ve added to and adjusted our wish list.  Our “dream ranch” :

  • has to be in the Texas Hill Country
  • has to have at least 200 acres
  • has to have access to highway and city
  • has to have power and a well
  • has to be easily traversed
  • has to have lots of oak trees
  • has to have a view of sunsets and sunrises

After more than a year of searching in earnest, we found a place within our budget and negotiated until we agreed on a price.  Our ranch (I just love saying “our ranch”) is about two hours away from San Antonio with it’s medical center, shopping and international airport.  There are smaller towns within 30 minutes to an hour away that have grocery stores, hardware stores, a church, etc. that we will need access to.

There’s a casita on the place that will take some fixing up. Since we bought the place “as is”, there’s lots of trash that will need to be hauled away.  There’s also a trashed camper on the place that, luckily, the realtor will be removing. We’ve taken our own camper out there which will allow us to work at our own pace until things are taken care of to our satisfaction. It will certainly be a labor of love. Heavy on the labor.dsc_0233

We’ve brewed coffee and watched the sun rise over the ridge.  We’ve seen axis deer and flushed coveys of quail.  We’ve heard turkeys.  We’ve watched the sun set, sat around a fire and gazed at the stars ON OUR OWN RANCH.

wp-image-1004744136jpg.jpg2017 is going to be a great year. I can’t wait to share it with you.

12 Comments on “Our Own Ranch

  1. Way to go, DSW!! God has truly blessed you and His grace and favor are upon your lives. Your dream is the same as ours, only I would like about 1500 acres😛.

  2. WTG DSW!! God has truly blessed you and His grace and favor is upon you. The wife and I have the same dream, but I’m asking for 1500 acres😛.

  3. Congratulations on your own ranch!! That is sooooooooo exciting for all of you. Enjoy all the blessings in each day. God bless you and your family.

  4. I am so happy for you !!! I have been trying to convince my young boys 16/18 years old to think about this , having your own land (ranch), whether it’s 1 or 500 acres . I’m willing to put the down payment , but they gave to carry the note . I’m 56 years old, I can’t continue to pay this if no one is interested . I am a retired hunter …. Just need another 5 years before I retire from working . If you ever need help (labor) give me a shout. I’m sure we can barter somehow . Dreams do come true!!!😜

    • At our age, we are looking down the road at how much fun it would be to bring grandkids out to the ranch. Of course neither one of the junior deerslayers is married or even thinking about it at this point. We’ll just have to love it ourselves for a while. I hope your boys take you up on your generous offer. Think they’d let you cone and hunt?

  5. Congratulations to the both of you maybe some day we will be able to do this. Not real happy With our new lease and looking again. Miss you and the girls

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  6. Dear Tim and Shannon, Congratulations on “YOUR” ranch. How exciting for the two of you. You are right about Having the dream of owning your own piece of land. We have been scurrying around still trying To find another lease. The last several months have been crazy here with us ( what else Is new) Pauls dad passed away in October and there are a lot of challenges ahead. I know you will enjoy your own place we both are happy for y’all. God Bless. Sincerely, Christine & Paul

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  7. Awesome! We did it a year ago. (smaller place – 155 acre hardwood tract) And we’re STILL working. 🙂 Thanks for all the recipes. I grabbed a couple.

    M – Mississippi

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