Wild Pork Done Right/ Wild Pork Done Easy

A couple of weeks ago, my deerslayer was called upon to put together a birthday extravaganza for the patriarch of the Deerslayer clan.  The venue was a given; the family beach house near South Padre Island; rustic, grungy and the site of many, many great times had by all.  The food?  How about the whole wild pig we had in the freezer?  Perfect!  The method?  Smoked on the grill, of course!  My deerslayer worked with mesquite wood and a pit the way Picasso worked with oils.  It was pure artistry. However, it required four men and a flatbed trailer to get the pit to its destination.

The day of the party arrived.  Guests were greeted by “the traditional welcome of the deerslayer”.

uncle richard's birthday 2013 002

uncle richard's birthday 2013 003

There’s nothing like a couple slabs of wild pig to welcome guests!  They (the slabs of pork, not the guests) went onto the pit and smoked all day.

uncle richard's birthday 2013 053

After 8 hours of snacking, storytelling, joking, beer drinking, and birthday festivities the main course was ready!

uncle richard's birthday 2013 099

It was outstanding.  I have to admit that I thought of my fellow bloggers at www.patronsofthepit.wordpress.com. I think that even they would be proud since they are experts of all things bar-b-qued and smoked.

An evening with family and friends, wild pork (and beer and wine), and beautiful views. It doesn’t get any better than this!

uncle richard's birthday 2013 087

As wonderful a time as this was, it required a lot of preparation and planning and man-hours.  There are times, however, when we just don’t feel like firing up the grill but still want the flavor of great pork.  My deerslayer processed our pigs this year so that we kept some racks of ribs.  Lots of racks of ribs to be exact because we got several wild pigs.

I decided to try something other than the traditional method.  At this point, if “The Patrons of the Pit” are reading this, or any other BBQ purists, walk away!  Just stop reading because you will shake your heads in despair.

Wild Pork Ribs (Done Easy)

I seasoned some pork ribs very liberally with Salt & Pepper mix, tossed them in my covered roasting pan with a can of Dr. Pepper, and braised them for a couple of hours at 350 degrees, turning occasionally.

2013-02-21 052

 Then I removed the lid, slathered them with my favorite new BBQ sauce, Skipkenny’s Whiskey BBQ Sauce, from New Braunfels. (It’s now available on Amazon!  I bought a case!)  I stuck them back in the oven for another hour until they began to fall off the bone.

2013-02-21 053

The ribs were ready for dinner with beans and potato salad.  They didn’t have the characteristic smoky flavor and smell of pit BBQ, but neither did I.  While I love BBQ as much as the next person, I have to admit (as do my deerslayers) that this is a pretty decent alternative to no ribs at all!  I’d be willing to prepare them this way again and my deerslayers said that they’d be willing to eat them!

8 Comments on “Wild Pork Done Right/ Wild Pork Done Easy

  1. If we ever get a chance to go hunt wild hog somewhere, or even if we pick up some domestic pork ribs, I may keep this in reserve for when I don’t want to stand up to my knees in snow next to the grill. Awesome idea.

  2. Well, I just now have discovered your post here. I guess we might as well get down to it then. You knew it was coming. Bad wife of deer slayer! You committed rib blasphemy and liked it! We are willing to over look this hick up in your condition however, for that beautifully smoked wild pig. Man that’s the stuff! And its true, I suppose, oven baked ribs are way better than no ribs at all. Well done Mrs Deerslayer. A covetous party you had!


    • I hang my head in shame (and to cover the greasy b-b-q sauce on my face). We’re hoping to have another wild pig, well-fed on cactus pears, in time for our annual trip to Wyoming in July. The cactus pears add a delicious sweetness to the meat. Many of the same people will be on that trip and, by golly, the smoked wild pig has been requested. I’ll take more pics. It’ll be smoked all day, of course. I’ll be thinking about you guys and hope for your blessing.

  3. I freak out when I see so much raw meat…but I love the finished product.The fall off the bone delicious looking ribs is amazing. Can you swing me a bottle of BBQ sauce from that case? oh wait a minute that was 2013. It must be long gone! Oops!

    • Alas, the dregs of that case of barbecue sauce are all gone. However, skipkenny.com is still selling that awesome sauce. Check them out. Tell ’em the Deerslayer’s Wife sent you.

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