Good Friends, Sipping Wine, Cooking Rabbit, and Dancing in Red Pumps

vail, rabbit, venison and barley soup, 9-13-13 079Recently, Deerslayer and I had an opportunity to get together with some of his high school buddies and their wives in Vail, Colorado.   We try to do this every year and one of the buddies has a house in Vail which he generously offers.  We always have such a great time.  It’s wonderful and rare to know such genuinely good people.  We are truly blessed.  Deerslayer begins to unwind, let loose, and relax in a way that he rarely does in any other setting (except in a hunting blind or around a campfire).  The beauty of Vail, the cool temps, great friends, and fabulous food always make for a perfect vacation.

Usually, my non-hunting/camping escapades don’t make the blog.  All food-related, cooking activities DO make the cut, however.  I find it rather telling that most of the pictures I took of the trip included food and/or food prep.  Sure, there were a few pictures of the group, the mountains, and the crystal clear, bubbling creeks and streams.  But for the largest part of the trip, we all hung out in the fabulous kitchen, sipping wine and preparing one delicious meal after another.  What’s wrong with that, I’d like to know?!?  With delectable dishes like seared scallops, freshly harvested porcini mushrooms, and white wine braised rabbit, (Recipe will be in upcoming post.)  I was certainly in my element, happy as a clam and eager to share with my readers.  Even though the rabbit wasn’t wild (It was ordered from California), I’d never prepared rabbit before and knew you guys would want to know how it turned out.  I’m sure you can guess that I’ve been hounding Deerslayer to bring home some wabbit so I can try the recipe again.

vail, rabbit, venison and barley soup, 9-13-13 034

Rabbit, braised in white wine sauce with olives
vail, rabbit, venison and barley soup, 9-13-13 068
Seared, sweet scallops

I mentioned that the guys went out and brought back some amazing porcini mushrooms that were harvested from a nearby meadow.  Some of these mushrooms were the size of a small plate! We grilled some and sautéed some.

vail, rabbit, venison and barley soup, 9-13-13 004

vail, rabbit, venison and barley soup, 9-13-13 050

vail, rabbit, venison and barley soup, 9-13-13 055
There were also some amazing heirloom tomatoes and buffalo mozzarella!
vail, rabbit, venison and barley soup, 9-13-13 051
Fabulous, hand-cut steaks
vail, rabbit, venison and barley soup, 9-13-13 061
T-bones, rubbed with olive oil, herbs, fresh-cracked pepper, and kosher salt
vail, rabbit, venison and barley soup, 9-13-13 037
The cast iron skillet caught the wonderful drippings.

There’s just something about being with friends, spending your days doing what you love (cooking), sipping wine, and sharing fabulous food that makes you realize that all is right with the world.  Throw in some music and, well…… It’s good to know that friends are willing to accept the fact that a simple song like “She Cranks My Tractor” might be all it takes to make a person slip into a pair of red suede pumps and break into an interpretive dance!

red shoes 002

Life is good.  It needs to be noted that I often break into dance and song while cooking, sometimes in red pumps, sometimes barefooted, sometimes in boots of awesomeness.  Once again, life is good, even better with friends who love you the way you are.  Nuf said.

6 Comments on “Good Friends, Sipping Wine, Cooking Rabbit, and Dancing in Red Pumps

  1. I do my best work in the kitchen while I’m belting out something or other along with my Pandora station. Out of tune, I may add, I can’t sing for crap. Those steaks and scallops look divine. I’m still wary of rabbit myself, but my great grandmother used to make it for Sunday dinner after church. I might give it a shot, if we ever get any.

    • I was very pleasantly surprised by the mild flavor of the rabbit. I’m not sure if wild rabbit will taste similar. I’m gonna post the recipe I used. Seriously, you can’t go wrong with a white wine sauce! By the way, I’m with ya in the “can’t carry a tune in a bucket” angle. Doesn’t even slow me down!

  2. oh, you had me from the word “rabbit.” i have my fair share of horror stories (most of which involve skinning the little guys and accidentally piercing the intestines, which ends up making the whole area smell like fermented death and sadness), but the taste is something out of this world. and scallops, too? jeez. tough life you lead over there. 😉

    i wear noise cancelling headphones a lot when i cook, and when i blast my tunes i have been known to croon with the best of them. mostly bad 80s music.

  3. I’m afraid that if I wear noise-cancelling headphones, I won’t be able to hear someone yell, “fire!”. When I sing, however, everyone else seem to find headphones! Go figure!

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