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Wild Game Jerky

Wild game jerky is awesome!  The Deerslayer clan loves it.  There are several types; whole muscle jerky, some that is made from extruded ground meat (pressed out, ribbon-like,  through an implement that looks like a caulk gun) and some that is pressed into casings… Continue Reading “Wild Game Jerky”

Apricot Brandy Cake

Valentine’s Day is upon us.  Actually, it’s been lurking in the stores since Thanksgiving. Junior Deerslayer refers to it as “Singles Awareness Day”.  Everyone in our family has decided that it would be a sneaky move for all of us to secretly decide to… Continue Reading “Apricot Brandy Cake”

Adventures in Nilgai Cooking

  I have to say that I was almost as excited as Deerslayer when I found out that he’d gotten his first nilgai. We’d driven around the ranch looking for a blue bull for quite some time.  It was decided that night around the… Continue Reading “Adventures in Nilgai Cooking”

Nilgai? What the Hell is That?

Nilgai Excitement I received the text from Deerslayer shortly after 7:00 a.m.  He wanted to know if I wanted to get some snapshots of a Nilgai for my blog.  It was short and to the point but it spoke volumes. The unwritten meaning behind… Continue Reading “Nilgai? What the Hell is That?”

On Being the Deerslayer’s Mother

 (and preparing Pan-Fried Venison Heart) As I read a post recently, from Andy at Tremendous Whatnot, I was reminded of the Deerslayer tradition of preparing a celebratory dinner for the lucky hunter who triumphantly brought his/her bounty back to camp.  Photos are taken during… Continue Reading “On Being the Deerslayer’s Mother”

Venison and Wild Pork Tamales

Living in South Texas, tamales have always been a staple and still a delicacy.  The making of tamales has always inspired awe among those  of us who were not lucky enough to have a heritage steeped in chilies, manteca (lard), beautifully seasoned meat, and… Continue Reading “Venison and Wild Pork Tamales”

Save Those Wild Pork Shanks!

Attention, all Pigslayers! Don’t throw away those wild pork shanks.  I know, they don’t seem to have enough meat on them to count for much. But don’t be swayed.  While on our Thanksgiving hunting trip, Deerslayer smoked our turkey and a whole pan of… Continue Reading “Save Those Wild Pork Shanks!”

Fabulous Rum Cake

 This recipe has become a family favorite.  I first found it in a magazine ad for Bacardi rum.  It became REALLY popular the year I ran out of regular rum and made it with 151 proof.  The clan loved it.  Recently, I’ve been using… Continue Reading “Fabulous Rum Cake”

A Merry and Blessed Christmas

From the balmy environs of South Texas, even the jumping cactus heralds the joy of the season.  Merry Christmas from the Deerslayer, the deerslayer’s wife, and the whole clan.

Ain’t It a Shame?

Deerslayer and I have been to two different hunting camps since the season began.  I’m eager to fill the empty spaces in the freezers and Deerslayer is eager to hunt.  Thanksgiving was spent at a hunting camp in South Texas and, previously, we headed… Continue Reading “Ain’t It a Shame?”

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