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What It’s All About (Camping for Non-Campers)

There are so many reasons that campers camp.  My first camping experiences were not the greatest.  Nature was not my friend. Nobody said there would be bugs or that I would have to sweat.  Veteran campers never brought up the whole “powder room” issue.… Continue Reading “What It’s All About (Camping for Non-Campers)”

Camping Preparation Continues and Plain Ol’ Easy Venison/Wild Pork Hamburgers

As we gear up for the big trip to Wyoming and the date draws near, the mess in the kitchen piles higher and higher.  Every time I think of something that I won’t be able to get along without, it goes on the pile.… Continue Reading “Camping Preparation Continues and Plain Ol’ Easy Venison/Wild Pork Hamburgers”

Sauteed Mushroom, Basil, and Sundried Tomato Filled Ravioli with Creamy Tomato-Basil Sauce

Playdoh was one of my favorite things as a kid.  It had such an interesting texture, smell, and what vibrant color!  It squished wonderfully between my fingers.  It transformed into animals and flowers, pretend foods and characters.  It was perfect fun and kept an… Continue Reading “Sauteed Mushroom, Basil, and Sundried Tomato Filled Ravioli with Creamy Tomato-Basil Sauce”

Rubbish Muffins Revisited

We in the Deerslayer household were very pleased with the Cranberry-Rubbish Muffin results.  I made them again this morning.  It was a perfect day for rubbish muffins; fresh pot of coffee, chance of rain, a new batch of cereal crumbs.  Most of my recipes… Continue Reading “Rubbish Muffins Revisited”

Cranberry-Rubbish Muffins

One of my favorite movies is Sabrina, with Audrey Hepburn and Humphrey Bogart.  Audrey has always been one of my idols.  Stunningly beautiful, graceful, the definition of class, and she can make a souffle out of cracker crumbs and tomato juice!  There was that… Continue Reading “Cranberry-Rubbish Muffins”

Venison and Wild Pork Lasagna

I must say that I, like countless others, cannot imagine life without pasta.  It simply wouldn’t be worth living.  Bread, too.  And anything with gluten.  That said, I questioned whether or not I should even bother providing this recipe.  Surely, everyone has a recipe… Continue Reading “Venison and Wild Pork Lasagna”

Happy and Blessed Easter to all!

May all the deerslayers, pigslayers, bunnyslayers, possumslayers and their families have a very blessed and happy Easter.  If you prepared an awesome wild game recipe for your special meal, let me know how it turned out. As my junior Deerslayers have gotten older, they… Continue Reading “Happy and Blessed Easter to all!”

Some Days Just Scream Out for Chili-Roni

Chili-Mac with Ground Venison & Ground Pork Everyone has his/her favorite comfort food.  My family loves chicken fried venison steaks with garlic mashed potatoes and cream gravy.  We all love venison meatloaf.  It makes the house smell great!  Any type of pasta is comforting.… Continue Reading “Some Days Just Scream Out for Chili-Roni”

Wild Pork Done Right/ Wild Pork Done Easy

A couple of weeks ago, my deerslayer was called upon to put together a birthday extravaganza for the patriarch of the Deerslayer clan.  The venue was a given; the family beach house near South Padre Island; rustic, grungy and the site of many, many… Continue Reading “Wild Pork Done Right/ Wild Pork Done Easy”

Not Always the Cat’s Meow (Venison Marsala)

Like every other deerslayer’s wife on the planet, as hunting season winds down, I come to the realization that, as much as I embrace my vocation, being the wife of a deer slayer isn’t always all that great.  Don’t get me wrong!   There’s no… Continue Reading “Not Always the Cat’s Meow (Venison Marsala)”

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